HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Holland State Park will offer two track chairs, or motorized wheelchairs, to families who need help getting around come Memorial Day.

The park received the gift, which cost upwards of $30,000, from the Family Hope Foundation.

“Our emphasis is still and remains providing the gift of ability through scholarships,” said Jane Eppard, the nonprofit’s executive director.

The chairs can be reserved for free on a first-come, first-served basis. They are user-friendly and can handle a variety of terrains, including sand, snow, hiking trails and up to eight inches of water.

“Everybody deserves an opportunity to experience all aspects of our community,” Eppard said. “Something like being able to move around without challenges should not stand in the way.”

The chairs are also equipped with a secondary controller that can be used if the person utilizing the chair is not able to drive it themselves.

“It’s just priceless when somebody [who has been] in the outdoors and maybe had an accident or something that’s created this disability,” said Sean Mulligan with Holland State Park. “They have the opportunity to get back into the outdoors and do something they love again. The expressions on their face, their emotions, it is all great.”

Due to staffing shortages, families can only reserve the chairs during the week. Mulligan said he hopes they’ll be able to assist families and users with these track chairs on the weekends soon. Park staff and volunteers are not able to assist with transfers and families are required to sign a waiver before use.

The chairs have become so popular across state parks that Ionia and Ludington parks are fundraising to add track chairs to their amenities as well.