GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Supply chain issues are causing many schools in West Michigan to change their menus. School leaders say they’ve had to be flexible simply because districts in the state are all competing for the same products.

They say they’re still dealing with the effects of last year’s pandemic response and with kids across the state mostly all back in class now, not enough products were produced ahead of time to go around.

Mary Darnton, the food service director for Jenison and Hudsonville Public Schools, says the products they order are different from what you would see in restaurants or the grocery store, and schools across the state are all trying to get the same ones.

She says they’ve had to adjust their menus to fit what they do have in stock until the supply chain catches up. 

“I think it’s going to take time and patience because what we often forget is that the food we purchase at the supermarket or that we purchase to serve our students is planned ahead of time by our farmers and our producers and our growers,” said Darnton. “So right now, the supply chain is going through some pain to get back to normal and that’s going to take time and people.”

Darnton believes once the supply chain catches up, they’ll be in much better shape in a few months.