SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan’s smallest park is coming to the Village of Spring Lake, and the village is looking for name suggestions.

On Friday, the village’s Downtown Development Authority announced plans to bring the small park to the space located on the east side of South Jackson Street between Well Adjusted Chiropractic and the former Seven Steps Up.

“During the pandemic, the Village was awarded a grant to purchase a concrete cornhole set for our social district. We placed the cornhole game in this location along South Jackson Street for folks to enjoy. I kept looking at this area and thinking about how else we can enhance that space to encourage more people to use it,” Stefanie Herder, director of the village’s Downtown Development Authority, said in a press release.

Work on the new park is expected to begin this summer. It will include seating, plants and planters, shade and more, the village said. There will also be two parallel parking spots “perfect for a food truck to set up for events…”

No name has been selected for the new park. The village is asking the public to submit name suggestions. To submit an idea, add a comment on this Facebook post or email Stefanie@springlakevillage.org.