HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Hudsonville High School administrators say they have seen an uptick in vandalism as a result of a viral TikTok challenge.

The challenge, which became popular earlier this month, is called the “devious licks” challenge. It involves students removing small items from classrooms and bathrooms, sometimes damaging them in the process, and then posting videos of the items to social media.

The high school sent out letters to parents this week about the challenge and the damage done to buildings.

“We educators are working hard to provide an environment for the kids and to have these unnecessary instances happen is unfortunate,” Hudsonville High School Principal Jordan Beel said.

Beel says in the last week, the school has had multiple incidents happen tied to the challenge. He said students have stolen lunch trays, soap dispensers and even sink fixtures, forcing the school to close some bathrooms.

“This is a really small percentage of students creating a lot of work for administrators, security and custodial staff here,” Beel said.

Beel said most of the damage has been fixed but students involved could now face serious penalties. Police say felony charges are possible depending on the cost of the items students damaged.

“If there’s students or people out there that aren’t taking pride in their school or are damaging these things, these aren’t funny pranks. It’s destruction of property. It’s costing somebody time and effort and taxpayer money to fix and repair these things,” Capt. Jake Sparks with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said.

All of the challenge videos have been removed from TikTok. The social media platform said the challenge is against its guidelines.

High school administrators say they’re reminding parents to keep an eye on their students social media accounts.

“Schools all around the area are facing this right now and I think it’s a good lesson for parents to make sure that they are monitoring their students’ social media and having conversations about that so that they’re not getting themselves into trouble,” Beel said.

The school says it has caught some of the vandals involved and is investigating several others.