HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The blizzard did not stop some people from braving the elements in order to get some last-minute holiday shopping in. 

“We were planning on coming out earlier anyways and it was better when we left. We’re only a couple miles away but you just gotta drive slow and be careful,” said Hudsonville resident Ken Maciejewski. 

Despite low visibility and frigid temperatures, Maciejewski and his son took a trip to Meijer for a few things ahead of the holidays. 

“It’s wild because you know [Thursday] was like it kind of like deteriorated a little bit but then it didn’t seem as bad but then today, especially with the wind picking up, that was kind of like the worst part of it. Not being able to see where you’re going,” said Maciejewski.

Although the store wasn’t nearly as busy as it had been earlier in the week, there were still several dozen cars in the parking lot. 

Meredith Veltkamp, who’s stuck in Michigan, ventured out to the store to get Christmas gifts for her two daughters. 

“I came home for my grandfather’s funeral because I’m from Michigan and I live in Montana and I can’t get back,” she explained.

Veltkamp was supposed to fly back Friday, but learned the soonest she’ll likely be able to get home is Monday. 

“I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old and my husband is back in Montana,” she said. “Thankfully I have family here in town.”

Veltkamp’s cousin, Glenda Kral, and her two daughters Olivia and Jenna Kral, were willing to go with Veltkamp to the store. 

“We just decided to go last minute, so they’ve got something under the tree, so Santa brought them something this year,” Kral said.

Kral said the roads were “terrible,” but since they only live about mile away, they felt it was doable. 

“We just took it nice and slow with our flashers on and we’re good to go,” said Kral.