ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Some residents in Allendale Township are calling for a member of the planning commission to be removed.

The township board meeting was so full Monday that it had to be moved outside. No action was taken against Ryan Kelley at the meeting. Board members did agree to write a formal resolution condemning white supremacy.

“There were a lot of allegations that came up in public comment this evening. One of the things that was requested in the board meeting, if there is merit to those, if there is something that can be tied to, specifically — not just hearsay, but if there’s something specific there, I’m very interested in seeing those items. So, no plan to remove him? At this point, we are not removing Ryan Kelley from the planning commission,” said Allendale Township Supervisor Adam Elenbaas.

This meeting was after it came to light that Ryan Kelley invited militia men to a summer protest in Allendale, where demonstrators called for a confederate statue to be removed. In that crowd was William Null, one of 13 men authorities charged with plotting to kidnap the governor.

Justice for Black Lives, a Grand Rapids-based organization aiming to make legislative and community-based changes for people of color, is leading the effort against Kelley.

The group points to his connection to the militia group, plus a now-deleted Facebook comment calling Black Lives Matter a “terrorist organization.”

Kelley admits that he has met Null. But he told News 8 he doesn’t communicate with or know any of the men charged.