HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — The Ottawa County Republican Party Executive Committee has passed a motion to censure any GOP elected official or Republican candidate who encourages Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

Following the passage of the motion, the party announced Friday that several candidates running for the Ottawa County commission are now censured:

  • Matt Fenske
  • Roger Bergman
  • Al Dannenberg
  • Greg DeJong
  • Randy Meppelink
  • Phil Kuyers

The committee said it took action because of claims that several sitting members of the county commission have been publicly embracing Democratic interference in the Republican primary.

The committee said the censures were made to ensure the integrity of the upcoming election.

On Saturday, the six candidates that were censured released the following statement:

“As Ottawa County commissioners, we are Republicans elected to serve and engage with everyone in Ottawa County. We are longtime and traditional Republicans who have dedicated ourselves throughout our political careers to making an impact, having integrity, and embracing the common good.

“The actuality is we have two elections in Ottawa County this year. The August 2 GOP Primary is where the majority of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is going to be elected. As longstanding members of the Republican Party, we support the values and policies which have made Ottawa County strong. We are disappointed that a small, vocal minority has infiltrated the Ottawa County GOP to serve its own narrow political agenda rather than address Ottawa County as a whole and serve everybody.

“We can only move forward when we have consensus, bridge divides, work together, and truly listen to what the people of Ottawa County need and deserve to strengthen our community, Ottawa County government, the region and democracy. That is our mission. The reality is we want everyone to belong and we invite others to participate with us. We desire inclusion, not exclusion.”

Matt Fenske, Al Dannenberg, Roger Bergman, Greg DeJong, Phil Kuyer and Randy Meppelink said in a statement