JAMESTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Romance novelist Nora Roberts has donated $50,000 to support a library in Jamestown Township that has faced pushback from its community over keeping LGBTQ books in the stacks.

The Jamestown Township Library board confirmed the donation to a GoFundMe account. Roberts’ publicist told News 8 the $50,000 was the maximum donation allowed by GoFundMe but added Roberts said library leaders could reach out to her if they need more.

In August, Jamestown Township voters rejected the millage that provides about 85% of the Patmos Library’s funding. Community members had said they were unhappy that the library had books that deal with LGBTQ issues. The library says it has about 90 such pieces of material out of a total inventory of about 67,000.

The library board said in a Monday email to News 8 that Roberts’ donation, along with those of thousands of other donors, “reinforces our Board(‘)s position of not pulling LGBTQ Books from our Shelves.”

The library will try again to get its millage renewal passed on the Nov. 8 ballot.

“We are confident we will have a record number of Yes voters turnout November 8th, thus sending a message to the Jamestown Conservatives that our Community want our Patmos Library doors to remain open and ALL books to remain on our Shelves; not removed or hidden,” the board stated.

Leaders have said without the millage, the library will likely have to close.