OLIVE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is joining more than 100 other law enforcement agencies nationwide in a crackdown aimed at curbing an “alarming rise in speeding and fatal crashes.”

From Dec. 1 to Feb. 28, authorities will focus on speeding drivers. In Ottawa County, deputies will be patrolling the streets and taking a “zero tolerance approach,” meaning any driver stopped for speeding can expect a ticket.

Nationwide, the average cost for a speeding ticket is between $115 and $135, according to the sheriff’s office. A traffic ticket conviction also means two to six points on a person’s driving record depending on the severity of their offense.

The push in Ottawa County is part of a larger campaign by the Office of Highway Safety Planning aimed at saving lives and preventing injuries caused by speeding drivers. Michigan State Police are also participating in the initiative.

According to data from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, while our state saw a 22% drop in crashes last year compared to the year prior, the number of people killed in crashes rose by 10% over that same period. Of the 985 people who died on Michigan roads last year, 200 of those deaths were connected to speed-related crashes, the sheriff’s department news release stated.