GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — The J.B. Sims Generating Station is a storied piece of history that holds a lifetime full of memories for Operations Manager Mike Kellogg.

“I’ve been here more than I haven’t been here,” he said.

Before moving up the ranks during his 27-year tenure at the Grand Haven plant, Kellogg spent his childhood there, shadowing two of the hardest-working men he knows.

“My dad and my uncles are a part of the crew that helped build unit three,” Kellogg said. “Growing up as a kid, I knew all of the pipe fitters that worked here, a lot of history I grew up around.”

Kellog’s dad and uncle are now retired. While the sweat they poured into the campus will soon be wiped away, their job-well-done will forever be etched in their minds.

“Change is always a little scary, but the opportunity is good,” said Erik Booth, power supply manager.

Booth said the plant will close its doors for good next June. At that time, a new facility will be built.

He said that will allow crews to work with brand new equipment to improve the quality of their customer service.

“It’s going to give us better pricing, more reliability and it also allows the ability to be a lot more flexible than we have been in the past. All that transfers into better rates for our customers,” Booth said.

According to Booth, no one will be terminated during the transition. He plans to hire and workers, like Kellogg and his family, until they’re ready to hang up their hats for good.

“I’ll have a little bit of closure, I guess you’d say, by actually helping tear it down and go through that process of building the new,” Kellogg said.

Workers will hold an open house Saturday to give the community one last chance to tour the facility before it closes. It will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Crews will pick up visitors from Harbor Island and downtown Grand Haven at the intersection of 3rd Street and Washington Avenue.