FERRYSBURG, Mich. (WOOD) — While President Donald Trump held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Michiganders held one of their own.

A parade of boats was formed in Ferrysburg, part of an event called the “MAGA Regatta,” supporting the president.

“Republicans and conservatives very seldomly get the opportunity to come out and show our support for Donald Trump,” said Jason Whetstone of Muskegon. “We are always labeled as racists and bigots. So today, we are out here enjoying the beautiful day supporting our president and hoping he gets re-elected in 2020.”

A rally on the waters of Smith’s Bayou in Ferrysburg summoned dozens of private boats showing support for the president.

And overlooking all of it was another voice in the community.

“These people worship every word that this man (Trump) says,” said Jonah Yoshonis of Grand Rapids. “A lot of people in this community — it’s an affluent community. How out of touch can you be to have a boat parade?”

Those protesting the rally want to make sure the rest of the state knows they march to a different beat.

“This man grants them permission to act the way with their ignorance,” he said. “They use inductive reasoning rather than deduction and have their conclusions of what the world looks like and only seek information that gives evidence to their presuppositions.”

“You know, they have every right to protest,” Whetstone said. “I went over there and talked to them and they didn’t yell at me back. They’re pretty silent, which is odd to me, but they’re doing what they do.”

Those standing on the bridge along Spring Lake Road said they will be here to try and offset what they believe is a racial divide.

“We will support our marginalized neighbors,” Yoshonis said. “Even if they are few and far between in this area, an event like this ostracizes them even more than they already experience on a daily basis.”

And the reason for the rally was simple: it provided a voice for a crowd that knows it needs to be vocal if it wants to win.

“There’s a lot of Americans that love Donald Trump, but we don’t have the platforms that the Democrats do, including big tech,” Whetstone said. ” So, we have to do this and if we don’t do this, we might lose this election.”