GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — This weekend, the Kite Festival @ Grand Haven is returning to Grand Haven State Park. This will be the first Kite Festival since 2019 and will take place this Saturday and Sunday.

Admission is free and organizers tell News 8 that three fields will be in use this year: one for single line kites, one that will be a performance field and another for large show kites. The performance field will be home to certain events including ballets with sport kites that are choreographed to music and other shows.

“If the weather is nice and it’s sunny, and we have a big crowd when the team finishes a demonstration, and we get a round of applause from hundreds of people, it just feels like everything is right,” co-organizer Eric Wolff said.

Wolff and co-organizer Ann Vondriska joined the WOOD TV Live Desk Friday afternoon to share more on the return of the event. They agreed that they’re just happy to have the opportunity to gather once again.

“I’ve been coming to Grand Haven for the kite festival for 34-years,” Wolff said.

“I’ve been part of the festival for 20 years or so it was tough to lose those couple of years,” Vondriska added.

Those interested in bringing kites of their own are welcome to do so. Vandriska says around 40 professional sport kite flyers are expected to perform throughout the weekend.

Organizers are keeping an eye on the forecast and are staying optimistic. They tell News 8 that updates will be posted on the event’s Facebook page if anything were to change.

For the full conversation streaming from the WOOD TV Live Desk, check out the video at the top of this article or find it on the WOOD TV8 Facebook page under the “Videos” tab.