KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — Libertas Christian School returned to court on Thursday to fight cease and desist orders issued by the Ottawa County Health Department concerning COVID-19 cases.

The school closed last week after an order was posted on the door to the building near Hudsonville.

Attorneys representing the school appeared in a federal courtroom in Kalamazoo for a second day of arguments.

Health Officer Lisa Stefanoysky and Marcia Mansaray, a deputy health officer, took the stand.

Mansaray testified that two cross country runners who attended the school had also tested positive in addition to the two teachers previously mentioned.

She says they competed in a race while in the infectious period in the beginning of October.

Attorneys for Libertas dispute the county’s timetable and say no one from the school with COVID-19 met the definition of having close contact.

Libertas argued the school is exempt from masking requirements under the state health department orders because they are engaging in a religious service for the duration of the school day.

County health officials say the school has refused to cooperate with contact tracing and was not practicing mask wearing or social distancing in the building.

Mansaray, who is also an epidemiologist, says the teachers were working with students during their infectious period.

The judge suggested both parties meet to see if they can come to a resolution on their own.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Monday morning.