GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A group of retired teachers had the opportunity to see some of their former students all grown up. 

Cindy Stevens, whose four kids all attended Bursley Elementary, has been working to plan a reunion for years. 

She struggled to find a space, so she finally reached out to Jenison Public Schools Superintendent Brandon Graham to help coordinate.

“When I heard this story, it warmed my heart,” Graham said. “It was something as educators, as former educators, this is why we do what we do. Not to get recognized but to make an impact on lives.”

Stevens organized a special reunion on Nov. 13 for her four children, Stacey Robbins, Kara Rybicki, Trisha Boukma, and Scott Stevens and their teachers from Bursley Elementary. 

“These teachers, they gave their heart and soul to my family,” Cindy Stevens said while wiping a tear. “The staff delivered what the kids needed when they needed it. They cared.”

Stevens has kept in touch with the teachers over the years and the group had many stories and hugs to share Sunday afternoon.

(Courtesy Jenison Public Schools)

Bobbi Beerhorst, who taught at Jenison Public Schools for 28 years, was thrilled to reconnect with former students and colleagues. She was a fifth grade teacher at Bursley Elementary for the Stevens family.

“We were all close family,” Beerhorst said.

Fran McKellar, who teaches first grade at Bursley, loved seeing the Stevens family all grown up.

“This was a wonderful idea,” she said. “This is fun.”

Graham said day-to-day teachers might not realize the impact they’re making. 

“Some days you’re pulling your hair out and your hair is turning grey and falling out and some of the rest, but it’s true … I don’t think that there’s a profession in the world that gets to have the impact that you have on human beings.”