HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — A Holland woman uses the power of social media to spread kindness to her community.

Selena Norinh has left $10 daily in random spots throughout town in the hopes that if and when someone discovers the hidden cash their day will change for the better.

“We got to spread a little bit of kindness,” she said. “This world is so dark that you got to make some people smile,” he said.

Norinh is on day 25 of her yearlong kindness campaign. Most of her donations she has documented and posted to her TikTok account. She has hidden cash in unopened formula canisters, gas pumps, unopened diaper boxes, library boxes and store backpacks.

Norinh has also gifted the quick cash to unexpecting store employees. She has been asked to leave a store or two due to their recording policies.

“I still bless someone, but I can’t really show it,” Norinh said. “That’s OK. That’s not always what it’s about.”

Norinh self-founds her pay-it-forward campaign. She said she wishes she could do more, but for the time being spreading a little bit of kindness daily is enough for her.

“Anybody’s life can be changed with a million dollars, but even ten dollars can impact somebody positively.”