HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Even with the promise of more supplies, hospitals and the people working in them, on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are still struggling to get the proper protection they need to help the public. 

One Holland business owner saw the need and decided to act, donating thousands of her business’ own supplies to help her community. 

Sammy’s Nails owner Lien Nguyen donated 10,500 gloves and 1,000 masks to Holland Hospital, 630 masks to Resthaven Care Community and 700 masks to Freedom Village Senior Living Community. 

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“Why we keep it when the people need it,” Nguyen said. “You know what I mean? Like just give it to them and then we do something in the future to recoup our losses.”

While the masks aren’t the highly sought after N95 face masks, medical professionals say they’re still better than nothing. In a time of extreme need the protection the gloves and masks could be a difference maker.

“I love my city, Holland. I love my community,” Nguyen said. “Holland Hospital and nursing homes need more than us.”

She says this time of uncertainty has weighed heavily on her and her family as their way of life has completely changed.

“I miss all my customers and I miss my income too,” Nguyen said. “This is the only income I have in my family right now.”

She’s not too concerned with what the future holds because her faith is in the community. A community that has supported her before. 

“In summer when Tulip Time come up, we are really busy here that helps us for a long time. It’s different now,” Nguyen said. “We will just keep going and whatever the community needs and we donate it for now. And later we can find some way, somehow yes.”

Her business of course now sits empty after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer acted to close all unnecessary businesses, like nail salons, earlier this week.  Nguyen says they closed their salon a week before the stay at home order was issued for family reasons.

“My sister has cancer and she is awaiting surgery,” Nguyen said. “If she gets sick then she can’t get the surgery she needs so we don’t take any chances.”

It is a family matter for Nguyen. Her two sisters both own Sky Nails and Zeeland Nails. Both locations have donated supplies like rubbing alcohol, masks and gloves of their own to Holland Hospital, Zeeland Hospital, Spectrum Hospital, Sinai-Grace Hospital and Beaumont in the Detroit area.

“Everybody don’t worry,” Nguyen said. “We will all be OK, couple more months it will be back to normal. That’s why I’m not scared about the future. You know? Like we can find some way to do something. We don’t have to stop for right now you know?”

Nguyen has only one request.

“I just want everybody to help the community and stay home,” Nguyen said. “When we reopen just come and help us and do your nails! That all.”