OLIVE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Times are busy and staff is overworked these days in many animal shelters across the United States and Harbor Humane Society is no different.

It has translated into the perfect storm for stray animals and those that care for them.

Workers say 2022 is one of the most challenging years they’ve had in recent memory, which is why they’ve started a donation drive on their Facebook page.

Just at Harbor Humane Society shelter alone, 23 cats recently came in on one day, adding to the 207 cats and 45 dogs already on site. Not to mention about 200 other dogs and cats that are in foster care. The conditions surrounding the economy and pandemic, among other factors, has staff asking for more help.

“So it is a nationwide trend. Adoptions are down overall and intakes are up. We’re feeling the effects of Covid,” said Allison Deters from Harbor Humane Society.

Deters said that during the pandemic, there was a time where pet surgeries were not being done or were very limited. That caused less spaying and neutering, which has led to “unwanted litters.”

“And then I think there’s some economic impacts too, where maybe this isn’t the time that someone wants to invest in, you know, a new pet when gas is really expensive and that’s where their money’s going,” Deters added.

If you’d like to help out and donate some money, Harbor Humane Society suggests visiting their website. If you can’t donate money, then supplies or your time would really help the animals and staff as well.