GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — There will be a new addition to the Grand Haven South Pier this summer: Cameras are going up near the lighthouse.

The goal is to protect the newly restored lighthouse from vandalism,

The cameras were paid for by donations from members of the public who want to protect the landmark, but they will serve a second purpose, as well.  

“The bonus is the safety,” Grand Haven City Manager Pat McGinnis said. “If someone is out there, dispatch will be able to go up on the screen and see what’s going on out there.” 

The cameras have motion sensors. Any movement will send an alert to the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety. Officers can then pull the video up on their phones, allowing them to assess the situation before they arrive on scene. 

“Those lighthouses are what everyone really relates to the lakeshore and Grand Haven. (They)see that red lighthouse out there and see the waves crashing over the pier,” McGinis said.

The city is installing five cameras for now but may add more in the future.