GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — For two decades, Lucy’s Market and Deli has stood on the corner of Columbus and N. Second Streets in Grand Haven.

“My parents bought this building in the early 2000s,” said Joe Bockheim. 

It started as a general store with dairy, produce and deli sandwiches, but like most small businesses, it’s had its fair share of challenges over the years.

“COVID hit… had to get a little bit creative again with shutting down indoor spaces,” Bockheim said. “If you don’t adapt, you can disappear really quick like so many people in the restaurant industry did the last couple of years.”

Bockheim and his family decided to utilize the outdoor area in the back of the shop. They added a patio area with an outdoor bar and a stage for live music. The space opened in July. Although Lucy’s isn’t on the water, Bockheim believes the outdoor garden atmosphere makes up for it. But, of course, here in Michigan, outdoor dining is not a year-round ordeal, so the focus once again shifted to the inside.

“Wanted to go a little bit over the top, and so that’s why we have kind of the Christmas overload going on.”

Bockheim spent all year searching for Christmas decor at thrift stores, estate sales, and anywhere else he could find it. He also commissioned family in friends to help in the search. The store is now decked out from ceiling to floor in holiday decorations. 

“One of the greatest compliments I got from a customer while I was decorating was like it feels like grandma’s house, and that’s kind of the vibe we’re after,” he explained. “Christmas has always been kind of a magical time. It’s something my family’s really enjoyed.”

In addition to the food Lucy’s has always served, there’s now an indoor bar where people can order holiday cocktails, beer, and wine Tuesday through Saturday. Bockheim called it a “new twist on an old business,” and he’s hopeful people in the community will continue to support Lucy’s now and in the future. 

“I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but I know that we’re going to have all hands on deck, and we’ll make it something that our family can be proud of.”