HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Inflation and high food costs can make it tough for families trying to make ends meet, but there’s a program on the lakeshore that works to help people with food insecurity.

Now, the Lakeshore Food Rescue program is expanding, according to organizers from Community Action House in Holland.

The program is a Community Action House initiative that was recently awarded American Rescue Plan funding through the county.

Last year, Lakeshore Food Rescue collected 1.2 million pounds of food by working with local restaurants, retailers and businesses to rescue food and redirect it to families.

The program is now going county-wide, with additional partners and volunteers who will help shift surplus food away from landfills and into communities.

With the expansion, Community Action House is looking for volunteers to help out.

“We’re looking for volunteers to go pick up the food and deliver it to an organization in that area that is also in need of that food,” said Community Action House’s Tracy Bolo. “So that may be a local pantry and being that connector between where the food is and who needs that food.”

To help out or learn more about Lakeshore Food Rescue, visit Community Action House’s website.