TALLMADGE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Families were getting into the Christmas spirit on Sunday as they looked for the perfect seasonal addition for their living rooms now that Thanksgiving is over.

“We are going on 10 years of tradition of coming here every year getting our Christmas tree,” Seth Hutchinson said.

It takes about eight years to grow a Christmas tree. There are plenty up for grabs at Vormittag Tree Farm in Ottawa County.

Last year Christmas trees were running on short supply.

Vormittag says the family business isn’t short on trees, though the price for a tree has gone up around $5. That’s because inflation has increased the cost of fertilizer.

“Business has been normal. The weather has impacted it a little bit with the rain and snow, but our business has been what we expected,” the owner’s son, Derrick Vormittag, said.

The Hutchinson family at Vormitagg Tree Farm as they carry on the 10-year tradition of searching for a Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The price isn’t a concern for the Hutchinson family, who says finding the right tree together is priceless.

“It always makes my heart happy that we’re all together, all out having fun running around like crazy people trying to find a tree,” Austyn Hutchinson said.

Vormittag Tree Farm opened to customers the weekend before Thanksgiving and will remain open until the last tree is claimed.

“We’ll have people all the way through Christmas. (We have) people on Christmas Eve that that’s their family tradition the day before to get their tree and spend Christmas Eve decorating it and (getting it) ready for Christmas Day,” Vormitagg said.

As the Hutchinson family grows larger, they say the tradition of searching for a Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving will remain strong.

“Even when I have my own family … (we’ll come get) several different trees all together on the same day, make it one big huge family tradition,” Austyn Hutchinson said.