JAMESTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The fate of the Patmos Library is once again up for a vote in Ottawa County during next month’s election.

Since spring 2022, controversy has surrounded the Jamestown library as parents express concerns over the type of books, specifically LGBTQ+-themed stories, available for their children to check out. The library previously said it has about 90 such pieces of material out of a total inventory of about 67,000.

Since last spring, the 10-year millage renewal has been rejected by voters twice: once in August 2022 and then again in November.

Around 80% of the library’s budget, or some $200,000, comes from the millage. The previous millage expired in 2022, and it was community donations — including a notable $50,000 from famed author Nora Roberts — that kept Patmos Library open through this year.

Library staffers have started to insert labels that note the story’s themes on the inside of each book, so parents can access them easily. Staffers have started in the young adult and teen sections.

This November, the millage will ask voters to decide on a three-year millage renewal, not an increase.