OLIVE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Consumers Energy gifted a rather large present to a West Michigan nonprofit Monday.

The utility company had no use for its 1979 125-ton yellow locomotive at its West Olive generating plant, so the Friends of the Coopersville and Marne Railroad Company decided to take it off its hands.

“This opportunity came along, locomotives are pricey and you have to pay to get them shipped here. It’s just an all-around, very, very, very important acquisition,” Jeff Dupilka, the president of the Coopersville and Marne Railroad Company, said. “So, we’re mighty pleased with Consumers Energy if I can say that in a way that says it all.”

The locomotive used to drive coal across the plant and could carry as much as 8.7 million pounds of coal in a single trip, according to Consumers Energy. As for what it will do now, Dupilka said that it will actually have a dual purpose.

“What’s really important is that we have been looking for a backup for our passenger trains … and now we have one,” he said. “And then also, it will be a freight locomotive.”

The freight aspect, according to Dupilka, will allow for more volunteers to work with the nonprofit because there will be no need to bring a train all the way to Grand Rapids from Coopersville as this new train will remain in Grand Rapids. That commute alone would add an additional three to four hours, Dupilka said.

And despite being almost 45 years old, the train is said to be considered newer and in great condition. The new addition and what it means for the Coopersville and Marne Railroad Company is not lost on Dupilka.

“This is just so super special,” he said.