HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Food insecurity is something that many families are facing during the pandemic. A new food club is opening in Holland to try and address this problem.

The goal is to give people easier access to healthier foods like fruits and vegetables, but the club will also be home to much more.

“This has been years in the making,” said Scott Rumpsa, the executive director of Community Action House. “Last year, we saw an unprecedented need. We had never served so many people so quickly in such deep a crisis than we did last March and April once so many of our guests turned to us for the first time ever.”

Community Action House has officially broken ground and is opening the new food club, located at 739 Paw Paw Drive in Holland, this fall.

“Really excited to bring it here to Holland to provide our neighbors with more dignified, flexible food access,” said Chara Bouma-Prediger, the food access program manager for Community Action House.

The club will also house an opportunity hub where people can learn about financial stability. Bouma-Prediger says it’s important that families have access to different options.

“There’s going to be such a wider variety of choices as well,” said Bouma-Prediger. “So being able to get food if you’re a Hispanic family that is relevant to your family or if you’re an Asian American family, you know, having those choices makes such a huge difference when people are in need.”

Rumpsa saying the organization needs to fundraise $500,000 more to be able to open on time. It’s something he says will make all the difference.

“This is what our community needs as we all build out of this together,” said Rumpsa.

You can donate toward this project or find more information online