HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — With the weather finally appearing to have turned, business has picked up this week for boating businesses along the lakeshore.

This week’s forecast shows plenty of sunshine and 80-degree temperatures.

“We’ve been a little bit behind this spring with the cold weather and the rain obviously when the sun pops out everyone gets excited and we are excited to get boating season underway,” Dennis Drummond, owner of Drummond Marine Inc. in Holland, said Monday.

His crew has been working nonstop to repair boats and answer calls from customers who are hoping to get out on the lake soon.

“Customers are calling. They want their boats ready and want to get them out of storage or get them out on the slips,” Drummond said.

He added the water is still cold so he hasn’t sold out of common items like float tubes and life jackets but he expects that to change soon.

“As the weather gets warmer, you’ll start seeing that stuff go,” he said.

While some boats will set sail this week, others will stay parked, waiting for the chance to ride the waves.

Drummond said supply chain issues from the pandemic are continuing to slow down the work, though he has seen notable improvements. He added the weather has been more of a concern rather than searching for parts.

“We are able to get some parts in a little faster maybe than what we were six months ago,” he said. “We just have to deal with it as it comes to be.”

Maintenance parts and other items like water pumps, spark plugs and thermostats are more readily available and accessible. It has been more difficult getting newer products.

“It’s some of the hard parts where you have some type of failure, we’re definitely lagging behind on that,” he said.

Drummond hopes to get boats repaired and out on the lake as quickly as he can. He added the weather this week should at least give boat lovers something to look forward to.