GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — After last week brought snow, rain and freezing temperatures, the Ottawa County Road Commission says they’re still battling slick conditions on roadways.

While main roads like US-31 are mostly clear, the road commission says neighborhood streets are covered in thick sheets of ice.

“It’s been a pretty busy past couple days, last week especially. There were three days in a row where we were just nonstop out on the roads plowing, salting to kind of keep up with the winter storm. It was an all-hands-on-deck effort; a lot of early mornings and late nights,” said Alex Doty with the Ottawa County Road Commission.

Doty says the worst of the ice is on unpaved rural roads, and as temperatures are expected to fall below freezing Monday, salt won’t be their saving grace.

“A lot of people say why don’t you just put more salt down? Unfortunately, when the temperatures are below 20 degrees, it’s ineffective and the lower the temperatures go, the more it either doesn’t work or works for a brief moment and then freezes back up,” said Doty. “We have to use other materials like gravel and sand on the gravel roads to kind of provide some traction and hope that we can break those up as best we can.”

The road commission says they will be working on the remaining problem areas Monday night and Tuesday. They say they’re hoping sunlight or warmer temperatures will melt some ice away in the meantime.

“In a couple days, our goal is to get back into the subdivisions where we weren’t able to hit last week and clean those up, push some of the snow back. Unfortunately, today when the weather is as cold as it is, it’s like you’re dealing with a solid brick. So really there’s not a whole lot we can do. We just hope people are understanding of that and patient, and we’ve been hit with a lot of what mother nature can handle,” said Doty.

The Ottawa County Road Commission says conditions will likely remain icy for the next couple of days so drivers should be cautious if they have to go outside.