OLIVE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — If you’re looking to expand your family by four legs, Harbor Humane Society has two loveable options available for adoption.

Duke Eli is a well-mannered 7-year-old shepherd. Duke Eli walks well on a leash. When the leash is off, he loves to chase down any kind of ball.

This sweet pup has lived with children before. Shelter workers say he hasn’t been around other animals, but they think he has the capability to live with other pets.

Harbor Humane Society is working through some health issues for Duke Eli. They’re using medication and joint supplements the treat his arthritis.

Duke Eli could also use a little extra activity to shed some of his 124-pound bodyweight to help lighten the strain on his joints.

While Duke Eli is an intact male dog, Harbor Humane Society plans to neuter him before adoption if his test results come back clear.

Mario the cat came to Harbor Humane Society as a stray with a significant ear infection. While shelter workers have treated the infection, it appears to have caused long-lasting damage, giving Mario a bit of a wobble to his walk.

Mario is a very friendly cat with a great pur. He’s healthy, happy and ready to find a forever home.

For more information on adopting Duke Eli, Mario or any pet from Harbor Human Society, visit the organization’s website or call 616.399.2119.