HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — Vehicle battery maker LG Energy Solutions recently announced plans for a $1.7 billion expansion to their Holland facility.

They’ll need to fill 1,200 jobs before that expansion it up to speed by 2024.

News 8 is taking a look at what you need to know if you’re interested in one of those jobs.

It’s starts with the dress code.

There are several clean areas in the plant. Workers in those areas are required to wear scrub-like covers, a hat and a face mask to keep dust and other contaminates away from the process.  

Once you suit up, your dusted off by a few puffs of air in a chamber.

Then it’s on to the production floor.

“We are manufacturing electric vehicle batteries, so it is a little bit different than other manufacturing companies,” said Emily Gilcrest, a human resource specialist at LG Energy Solutions.

It takes several steps to go from raw material to the cells that make up electrical vehicle batteries.

The robots twirl, the machines shuffle and the LED’s blink.

But it takes humans to program that automation. So, you’ll need some advanced training.  

News 8 recently reported about the partnership between LG and Grand Rapids Community College proving free training for LG jobs.

“We want to partner with our community. And we really want to develop in this area and be able to make a positive impact,” Gilcrest said.  

While LG plans on more than doubling their production staff by 2024, they need about 100 more people by June for their current production schedule.

It’s not an easy task in a tight labor market for employers.

Pay for most production jobs start at $19.00 an hour at LG, and the company is upping it’s benefit package. 

“We’re looking to make it a more holistic benefit package. To provide childcare and elder care,” Gilcrest said. “So, when they come here, they’re feeling supported. They’re feeling that they can do the best job they can. And not have to worry so much about taking care of their family. “

They’re also selling the future to prospective employees. 

“This is an amazing opportunity to be part of something that’s helping the community and helping the world,” Gilcrest said.

For more information about the job opportunities at LG, go to lgenergymi.com/careers.