GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WOOD) — Lakeshore listeners can again catch WGHN on 92.1 after a tower dispute took it off air in November.

WGHN-FM has successfully moved towers, it said in a press release.

“We would like to thank our engineering group for their hard work as this was not an easy task,” WGHN General Manager Mike Toth said in the release. “To make this move this quickly is amazing. We are so grateful to our loyal marketing partners and faithful listeners. Your support during this transition has been inspiring.”

In November, WGHN went off the air because of a dispute with the city of Grand Haven. The radio station told News 8 at the time that under a 1984 lease, WGHN did not pay for using the tower. It instead gave the city of Grand Haven free air time and agreed to maintain 70% local content.

The former WGHN radio tower on Nov. 21, 2022.

Its partner station, WMPA 93.1, started in 2012 and did not provide 70% local content.

The city asked the station to start paying rent in 2022 and on Nov. 17 told WGHN it was ending the agreement. Listeners could still catch it on 94.9 and on