ROTHBURY, Mich. (WOOD) — After two years of cancelation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Electric Forest festival returned to Rothbury on Thursday.

The festival is known for its electric music, colorful costumes and 50,000 festival lovers who flock to the Double JJ Resort for a four-day event.

Josh Arvizu said he kept his 2020 festival ticket knowing that he would return to the “forest” once it reopened.

“I was heartbroken, but I wasn’t going to sell the tickets,” he said. “I would never sell the ticket.”

Two years later Arvizu and his friends were first in line at the opening of the venue gates.

The festival has continued a ban of Native American headdresses, weed, hard liquor and other recreational drugs. New this year, wristbands for those who are 21 or older now indicate electronically that the individual is allowed to buy alcohol.

The festival includes entertainment troupes, food and beverage tents, a campsite, and several venues to highlight local and national musicians.

“(It’s) magic, just an absurd amount of magic and love,” a performer who goes by Dylan Rose said.

The festival opened its parking and campsites earlier than in the past, allowing attendees to start setting up Tuesday evening. Officials say they hope an earlier setup time will help alleviate any traffic in neighboring communities. Tickets for the Electric Forest festival sold out within weeks.

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