SARATOGA SPRING, Utah (KTVX) — A Utah man said he ordered a milkshake through a food delivery app but instead got a cup filled with urine.

Caleb Wood, of Saratoga Springs, said he ordered fries and a milkshake from Chick-fil-A through the Grubhub app earlier this week.

“When I started eating my meal upon delivery, I put a straw in my cup that was delivered and took a sip,” he said. “I soon discovered that the cup delivered to me from the Grubhub driver was a warm cup of urine.”

Wood captured the delivery on his home security camera. Wood said he called the driver back to his house and confronted him. That confrontation was also caught on video.

“Do you realize this is pee,” Wood said to the driver while holding the tall Styrofoam cup in his hand.

According to Wood, the driver admitted to confusing two Styrofoam cups in his vehicle. Wood said the driver told him that he works long hours and doesn’t take bathroom breaks, so he relieves himself in his car.

Wood said that drinking the urine made him sick. When he reached out to Grubhub, Wood said that the Chicago-based company took four days to get back to him.

He said that the company refunded part of his order, which was less than $30.

“They refunded like $18, the actual cost of the food,” Wood said. “They didn’t refund the delivery fee or the tip that I gave.”

Nexstar’s KTVX reached out to Grubhub, and the company said that what happened was unacceptable.

“We took immediate action with the driver and ended his contract with us,” the company said in a statement. “We’re following up with the customer to apologize and are coaching the representative who was previously in touch with the customer.”