PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) – A car became airborne and crashed into the second story of a home in California, according to photos shared by CAL FIRE officials.

Firefighters with the Placer County Fire Department, along with CAL FIRE officials, responded to the scene of the crash on Sunday, CAL FIRE’s Nevada Yuba Placer Unit confirmed. PG&E shut off power to the area while crews worked to stabilize the roof of the home’s carport and rescue the driver of the car.

With the assistance of a rope system, a CAL FIRE Technical Rescue Team removed the vehicle’s single occupant, who was handed off to an emergency medical team waiting in the home’s second story.

There were no other injuries “to the occupants of the home or first responders,” CAL FIRE wrote.

Officials had not publicly commented on the cause of the crash, though commenters on CAL FIRE’s social media account put forth their own theories.

“Looks like the car flew up then came down on part of the roof as it went through the window,” one wrote. “Had to be speeding to fly that far and hit that hard.”

“Praying the occupant of the car was not having a medical issue,” another wrote. “This is one of the more bizarre accidents of late. Sitting here with my coffee and imagining a car flying through the window to my immediate left! Unreal!”

Sunday’s accident in Placer County also came just days after a similar crash in North Carolina, when a driver went airborne and crashed into the roof of a home in Yadkinville after losing control of the car and speeding over a parked car like a ramp, official said.