(KTLA) – A prominent Twitch streamer and adult film star said she broke her back in several places over the weekend after she jumped into a foam pit during a streaming convention at the San Diego Convention Center.

Adriana Chechik, who has more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram and over 800,000 followers on Twitch, was one of the thousands of people in attendance at TwitchCon in San Diego over the weekend. The sold-out convention brought together streamers and fans for meetups, panels, and exhibits.

One of the interactive exhibits at the sold-out convention was a booth organized by tech company Lenovo.

The booth featured foam sword battles on an elevated platform with a foam pit below. It was set up in a “Gladiator” style battle, allowing for two people to duke it out with foam weapons or fall into the foam pit below.

In a live stream, Chechik participated in one of the battles and came out victorious. In celebration of her win, she cannon-balled into the foam pit below, the video showed.

The problem? The foam pit was apparently much shallower than a standard foam pit and Chechik fell hard, tailbone first, onto the solid surface below. In the video, she can be heard saying, “I can’t get up.”

The streamer and adult entertainer then took to Twitter to provide fans with an update on what happened.

“Well, I broke my back in two places,” Chechik wrote, saying she would need surgery to insert a metal rod into her back for support. “When it rains it pours and I am definitely feeling the rain right now.”

The injury was apparently not the only one suffered in the foam pit, according to NBC News. Another streamer by the name of LochVaness said she dislocated her kneecap after tumbling into the foam pit.

Reporters from Buzzfeed visited the foam pit and described the foam blocks strewn across the exhibit as “somewhat squishy but … still rather firm.” Buzzfeed also described the depth of the pit as only about two feet, as compared to the six-foot depth recommended by a British foam pit manufacturer.

On Tuesday, Chechik provided an update on her condition, saying she underwent five hours of surgery and received several spinal fusions.

“Bones completely crushed & nerve damage to my bladder, hopefully I’ll be able to pee again in the near future,” she wrote on Twitter.

She has since called out both Twitch and Lenovo for hosting the exhibit and voiced frustration over a lack of “well wishes” from either of the two companies or the convention center.

When reached for comment earlier this week, Twitch directed inquiries to Lenovo.

Lenovo released the following statement to Nexstar’s KTLA:

“We are aware of the incidents of TwitchCon visitors who sustained injuries in the gladiator game soft foam pit at the Lenovo booth. Safety remains our top priority and we are working with event organizers to look into the incidents.”

On Wednesday, Chechik described the grueling pain from physical therapy, writing in a tweet, “I don’t want to be tough. I don’t want to be brave, I cried for a hour and the pain is so immense.”

She says she is now considering moving her platform from Twitch to YouTube.