(NEXSTAR) – Don’t be surprised if you see, like, nine Avril Lavignes roaming the neighborhood on Halloween night.

Pinterest, an online social-media platform for sharing images, inspiration and DIY projects, has sorted through its internal data to determine the 2022 costume ideas that users were increasingly searching for — and the results suggest more folks are planning to go as Elvis, Avril Lavigne and “Top Gun” pilots than in previous years.

“2022 is all about costumes with pop culture themes,” reads a portion of Pinterest’s blog post on findings. “In sync with this year’s major launches, searches around ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Elvis,’ ‘Top Gun’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ are trending on the platform.”

Cosplayers dress as characters from “Stranger Things” at a comic convention in the United Kingdom. Pinterest data shows that searches for “Stranger Things costume ideas” has significantly increased over 2021. (Getty Images)

It’s important to note, however, that Pinterest’s Halloween data only accounted for costume ideas that were seeing the biggest year-over-year search increases, and not the costume ideas that were most-searched overall.

That said, plenty of Pinterest’s other popular searches appeared to be tied to buzzy film and TV characters, including Dani from “Hocus Pocus” (a film which just got a sequel on Disney+), Harley Quinn from DC Comics (a character whom Lady Gaga is set to play in the 2024 sequel to “Joker”) and Maddy and Cassie from HBO’s teen drama “Euphoria.” Searches also spiked for costumes based on Anna Delvey, the real-life con artist who was the subject of Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” miniseries.

More surprisingly, plenty of Pinterest users were also searching for “Avril Lavigne Halloween costume” in 2022, possibly thanks to the pop-punk singer’s resurgence in popularity amid a tour with Machine Gun Kelly, or being name-dropped as a source of inspiration by artists including Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.

Costumes inspired by Patrick Bateman, a character played by Christian Bale in 2000’s “American Psycho,” were also getting a surprising amount of interest on Pinterest ahead of Halloween 2022. Perhaps TikTok’s habit of meme-ifying the fictional sociopath/serial killer have turned Bateman into the “it” costume idea of 2022?

Pinterest’s complete list of the top-trending costume-related search terms — as compared to 2021 — can be found below.

  1. “Stranger Things costume ideas” (22x interest in search over 2021)
  2. “Elvis and Priscilla costume” (19x interest in search)
  3. “Patrick Bateman costume” (18x interest in search)
  4. “Top Gun costume” (6x interest in search)
  5. “Anna Delvey costume” (5x interest in search)
  6. “Harley Quinn Halloween costume” (4x interest in search)
  7. “Avril Lavigne Halloween costume” (3x interest in search)
  8. “Dani Hocus Pocus costume” (3x interest in search)
  9. “Maddie and Cassie Euphoria costume” (3x interest in search)
  10. “Lord of the Rings Halloween costumes” (2x interest in search)

Pinterest referred to data between mid-July and mid-August of 2021, and mid-June through mid-August of 2022, to determine this year’s trending costumes. More information concerning the list can be found on the Pinterest blog.