DAVIESS COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO) — We’ve all heard the saying “sharing is caring,” which is often applied to the relationships we have with our siblings.

But what about sharing one of the highest honors you can get in high school — with your twin?

That is exactly what’s happening at North Daviess Jr/Sr High School in Daviess County, Indiana.

Seniors Lance and Logan Wilson will be graduating Friday as valedictorians.

“All the way through elementary, Mom always told us that if we didn’t have straight A’s, we couldn’t play basketball. We knew that really wasn’t going to be the case and she’d let us play anyway, but we still wanted to motivate ourselves and get straight A’s,” Logan Wilson said.

But wait, there’s another set of twins as well.

North Daviess seniors Madylin and Marydith Borders will share the title of valedictorian with the Wilson twins and two other non-twin students — Kristy Knepp and Brycen Skinner — making the total six students.

“Our older sister, Aubrey, also got it, and we always planned on going to Vincennes University, and their scholarship opportunity is called the ‘Valedictorian/Salutatorian Scholarship,’ [and] it gives us a full ride to there,” Madylin Borders said.

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Wilson and Borders twins, all named valedictorian at North Daviess. (Courtesy of Sandra Borders)

Lance and Logan Wilson play basketball at North Daviess and said the competition has always continued on and off the court.

“It’s kind of a thing if he gets it, well, I don’t want Mom to get onto me because I didn’t get it, and I don’t want to hear about it for the rest of my life from him, so it’s like, might as well do it with him,” Lance Wilson said.

Logan Wilson said he enjoyed the competition with his brother and found that it was easier to “one-up” him in the classroom.

“Even if he might have a better game one night on the court, I’ll still say something to him about ‘my grades are higher’ in some class. I have to have a leg up somewhere, and it’s easier to have that in academics,” Logan Wilson said.

Madylin and Marydith Borders ran track and cross country.

They said they both have always wanted to get ahead of one another, on the track and inside their school.

“You know, you never want to be the one that gets left behind. Always trying to outmatch each other and do better than each other,” Madylin Borders said.

Aside from having a “built-in best friend,” the Wilson twins said it sure made doing homework and projects throughout the years a whole lot easier.

“I mean, I wouldn’t call it copying. I’d call it using your resources,” Lance Wilson said.

The Wilson and Border twins said sharing this accomplishment with their twin has made all the hard work worth it as well as provided a ton of laughs along the way.

“It definitely makes it interesting sometimes. Teachers don’t know which one you are and always getting called the wrong name, but it’s fun because you can mess with teachers a little bit,” Logan Wilson said.

The Wilson twins will be heading to Tennessee after graduation to attend the North American Lineman Training Center.

The Border twins will be attending Vincennes University.