(WJBF) — Election Day is Tuesday, and everyone is entitled to get out and vote. If for one reason or another you can’t make it to the polls because of transportation, rideshare company Lyft is offering a discount to help you get there.

You can get 50 percent off a ride to and/or from the polls using promo code VOTE22. The code will be available to use during voting hours and will cover up to $10.

The company is also partnering with non-profits to provide access to free and heavily discounted rides in underserved communities.

This year, fellow rideshare company Uber isn’t providing any exclusive discounts to the polls except for election workers. According to People, the company will cover the full cost of rides to and from a poll worker’s assigned location for those who signed up via Power the Polls and will be available through Wednesday.

And if exercising your vote isn’t sweet enough during this critical election cycle, here’s how you can treat yourself to a free Krispy Kreme doughnut on Election Day.