COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — It’s the preferred hairstyle of champion golfer Cameron Smith and is perhaps best known for Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart”-era look. Whether you call it a Kentucky waterfall, Mississippi mudflap or a Missouri compromise, the mullet is now more than just a haircut – it’s a national competition.

Meet two central Ohio boys who have made it into the top 25 of the 2022 USA Mullet Championships, Kid’s Division.

Jameson Redd, of Delaware and William Dale Ramsey, from Pataskala, Ohio, are both currently listed on the Division Finalists’ page of the contest’s website. Getting into the top 25 is quite an accomplishment for the pair, as the Kids Mullet Championships is a national competition with children from all over the country vying for 1st place.

Redd’s mother, Amber Munday, wrote Nexstar’s WCMH when her son became a finalist.

“Jameson has been through a lot this past year and winning this will make his whole world,” read Munday’s email. “The boy has had a mullet most of his life and rocks it like no other!”

In a follow-up note, Munday added that her 4-year-old is “a firecracker,” and delved into the “backstory” of his special hairstyle.

“The mullet started off because of his dad who said ‘every kid needs a mullet at some point in their life,'” she explained. “Well fast forward 2 and a half years later Jameson loves his hair and will cry if you tell him you’re going to cut it off lol.” 

Ramsey’s mother, Ashley Ramsey, messaged the station about her son’s plan for the 1st place prize money if he wins.

“He would like to make a donation to Catch A Dream,” Ashley revealed. “They send terminally ill children on hunting and fishing trips and that is something he personally loves. He has the biggest heart of gold!!!”

The 8-year-old Ramsey also had the distinction of having his photo featured in a “TMZ” story about the mullet competition, which his mother commented on in a social media post writing, “TMZ COVER!!! Mind blown”

Online voting in the 2022 Kids Mullet Championships ends Friday, Aug. 19, according to the website. The 1st place prize is the $2,500 “Mullet Mega Money Pot,” and 2nd and 3rd places receive “Mullet Champs Gift Sets.”

The USA Mullet Championships started as a competition for adults in Michigan in 2020. It has now expanded nationwide with multiple divisions.