Correction: This story has been updated to accurately reflect fast food chain’s past offerings.

(WXIN) — Colonel Sanders is adding nuggets to his arsenal.

Right now, KFC is selling chicken nuggets only in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area as a trial run.

The nugs are breaded with KFC’s Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices and made with 100% white meat, according to a release.

“While nuggets often come in small packages, that doesn’t mean they should have small flavor. We wanted to introduce Nuggets with the flavor and ingredients that live up to our legacy as the original fried chicken experts,” said Nick Chavez, CMO of KFC.

Hungry fans will be able to buy them in either 8-, 12-, or 36-piece packages, and the chicken chain encourages customers to dip the nuggets in any of KFC’s current sauces, including Honey BBQ, KFC Sauce, or Classic Ranch.

The nuggets will be sold for a limited time in the Charlotte area.

According to Yahoo Finance, if the test run goes well, the nuggets will replace popcorn chicken on KFC menus nationwide.

A KFC official told Yahoo it hopes to entice younger customers with the new nugget option.