(KTLA) — A man in California is without a bicycle after another man took the bike he claimed was his in a violent altercation Sunday.

In video shared with KTLA, one man can be seen riding a bike around midday and pulling a cart loaded down with luggage in an alley in Venice.

As the cyclist hears another man yell, “Give me my bike!” he slows down and stops to refute the other man’s assertion.

As the cyclist begins to make his case, the other man, who is armed with what appears to be a stick or pipe, strikes the luggage with his weapon.

As the armed man repeatedly shouts “Give me my bike!” along with profanities, he grabs at the bike’s handlebars, causing the cyclist to fall to the ground.

The man with the weapon then pulls the bike away from the cyclist and begins to walk away with it as passersby try to intervene on behalf of the man on the ground.

As the confrontation exits the screen, the cyclist remains lying on the ground, appearing confused.

It remains unclear if the cyclist got the bicycle back or if the second man was correct in asserting that the bike was his.

The Los Angeles Police Department did not have any information to share on the incident.