NEWAYGO, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan man is warning others to beware of what they’re eating after he says he bit into a sharp piece of metal while eating a slice of pizza.

Dyllon Price said he was thankful the razor-like blade did not cut him, his wife or his three young kids. Price posted what he says happened on his Facebook page with a picture of the piece of metal, trying to get the word out to warn other customers.

He ordered a pizza for his family from the Little Caesars on Adams Street in Newaygo Monday. Price was eating the last piece and almost to the crust when it happened.

“I bit and it was hard, which I thought it was maybe some sort of burnt topping or something. And I was like, that ain’t right,” Price said. “So I kind of worked it around and pulled it out, and I wipe it all off and saw it was razor blade of some sort. And I was like, that’s not okay. I’ve got a ten-, seven- and five-year-old. That’s not okay.”

Price said he called the store and the manager said they had new kids working there. He said she offered him a refund and a $50 gift certificate and asked him to take down the Facebook post, which he declined to do.

He told News 8 the manager called him back later to explain what happened.

“She’s like, ‘oh, we found the source of it. We used a chopper thing to cut up our own green peppers and one of the teeth definitely came off that. So we threw that away but it won’t ever happen again,’” Price recalled. “And I’m like, ‘but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and I still don’t understand how do you not see this when you’re making a pizza?’”

The manager offered Price free pizza from the store, he said.

“I’m like, I’m not … I’m not eating pizza there. I’m good. Which sucks, ‘cause I love pizza.”

Price wanted to warn other customers — no matter where you’re eating — know that such things can occur.

On Friday, the store manager and owner both said the issue had to go through corporate in Detroit. News 8 reached out to corporate but has not seen a response yet.