GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Rising food costs are on many people’s minds as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Researchers at looked into just how much people are planning to spend on Thanksgiving this year.

Close to 70% of Americans said they are open to more budget-friendly holiday meal options. The people behind the research said that a majority of people would be willing to try something new.

“That could be anything from potentially going out to eat instead of having a big meal together as a family. We asked respondents if they’d be willing to try potentially meat alternatives as an option. and we did find, of Michigan residents that we surveyed, 57% they would be open to trying a vegan turkey or a meat alternative option as a cheaper alternative than turkey this year,” said Matt Zajechowski, director of media relations at North Star Inbound.

He said that inflation is changing the way people look at the holiday.

“I think there is a sense of anxiousness. Holiday meal plans, its something that brings us all together, so it’s not something that I think a lot of people want to compromise if they don’t have to, but you know, we’re seeing if you look at some of the reports, the cost of turkey, the cost of eggs, a lot of food products due to inflation, are just seeing really high costs this year,” Zajechowski said.

The survey also looked at some of the most and least popular items served at Thanksgiving dinner. Here in Michigan, the most popular food was found to be gravy and the least popular was glazed carrots.

The survey found the most popular Thanksgiving food nationwide is mashed potatoes.