GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A meeting of the “No Labels” group in New Hampshire is raising speculation about a third-party presidential candidate next year.

It’s a big meeting that’s making headlines this week. A large bipartisan group of Republicans and Democrats came together to unveil the “No Labels” agenda.

Political Reporter Rick Albin talked with former Michigan Congressman Fred Upton, who is supporting the effort. This week’s meeting was about unveiling about what “No Labels” stands for.

“Thirty different issues (Commonsense principles) that we think most Americans agree with, whether it be immigration and energy policy, gun safety, a whole number of different things that’s been carefully thought out, bounced with a lot of folks on the ground level,” Upton explained.

He said if the primaries lead to a presidential election between Biden and Trump, which Upton expects will happen, “No Labels” intends to have a national ticket.

“In all likelihood, a Republican presidential candidate with a Democrat vice president. We’re working to get on all 50 states’ ballots, we’re on a handful already, we’re in play in about two dozen,” Upton said.

He said while the group doesn’t know who the candidate is going to be yet, but it will have a “very transparent process.”

The first step is to get on all 50 states’ ballots, which is in the works, Upton said.

“There is a pathway to get to 270 votes,” said Upton. “We talked to folks all across the country. They’re saying enough is enough. We can do better if these presidential campaigns, the RNC and the DNC, if they can’t move from where they are, we’re willing to consider a third party, especially if it’s bipartisan.”