GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Biden administration is focused on controlling inflation and lowering prices.

U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said the most important step is tackling coronavirus.

“I think the omicron variant in the last couple of weeks here in the United States is not helping us,” Walsh said. “Getting people vaccinated and or tested en mass I think is going to be important moving forward, as well.”

He said there’s another issue here, too.

“Everyone talks about the great resignation, and I think what we’ve seen there is not necessarily resigning from work but resigning from their jobs; a job that was not fulfilling enough for folks,” Walsh said.

Walsh said that part of the answer to a more robust workforce is that federal, state and local governments need to be more intentional about job and skills training — working directly with businesses to find out what they need in terms of a skilled workforce.

The Biden administration is also picking up where it left off last year, continuing to push for some form of the Build Back Better proposal that deals with what Democrats call human infrastructure. Like many other cabinet members during the past few months, Walsh has been laying out the case for getting the stalled BBB plan moving again. The negotiation largely involves two pivotal Democratic senators but a big part of trying to get popular support has been taking the message directly to the public.