GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The United Auto Workers union is expanding its strike to 38 additional General Motors and Stellantis sites across 20 states. 

The strike could lead to challenges in getting parts for repairs and maintenance.

The UAW strike has entered a new phase after an announcement streamed online Friday morning from the union’s president, Shawn Fain.

“We will keep going keep organizing and keep expanding the standup strike as necessary,” Fain said. “Across the country, people are going to know that the UAW is ready to stand up for our communities and ready to stand up against corporate greed.”

No further expansion of the Ford strike was taken, citing progress being made on negotiations. The assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan that builds the Ford Bronco remains on strike.

Auto analyst Mike Wall with S&P Global Mobility said the expanded strike could really be felt by the customers.

“One of the goals was to convey sort of the breadth of what was covered, because it was a high number of impacts,” Wall said. “It’s the parts and distribution side. Doesn’t really impact suppliers that are building production parts. It impacts the aftermarket. It impacts certainly dealers and for us consumers that might be getting our vehicle serviced. It may create some delays in getting some parts.”

Wall said so far, the UAW has kept the first facilities on strike — and if they continue to add to it without reactivating other plants, it could have an even bigger impact. 

“The next time they bring up another shutdown, it could be well that these distribution channels stay down. So if it lingers too far, then I think that’s when you can see more disruption in terms of getting your parts,” Wall said.

The additional strike sites did not include additional assembly plants, which shows the union is taking a different path with its strategy so far, according to Wall.

“It’s spreading the impacted parties out, so in indicating this is more of a nationwide kind of effort as opposed to specific plants here and there,” Wall said.

The UAW has been announcing additional striking plants on Fridays. Wall said it is unclear if that pattern will continue.