BOONE COUNTY, Ark. (KARK) – An Arkansas man who claimed to be both Jesus and Satan, amputated his own leg in front of his 5-year-old, according to court documents.

An arrest affidavit filed Sept. 8 in Boone County shows deputies responded to a home on Aug. 2 where a man was found lying in front of the residence naked and missing part of his right leg.

According to deputies, 48-year-old Shannon Cox said his leg had been taken off “with a chop saw.” Deputies found a trail of blood leading to a large chop saw and the detached limb lying on the tool.

Investigators said Cox’s 5-year-old child was present during the ordeal.

Cox was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter, authorities said.

The day after the incident, deputies interviewed Cox’s wife, Sandy, who claimed her husband had been “acting odd all day,” telling her that he was “Jesus Christ” and saying she needed to “get right with the lord.” She claimed he began to get violent and claimed to be “Satan.”

Sandy Cox also told deputies her husband threatened to “twist her head off” and made other threats. She noted, however, that he didn’t follow through with physical violence, only verbal abuse.

According to the documents, she said she left the home in fear of her husband. She told deputies she didn’t take her child with her because she was worried about what her husband would do to her if she did, adding that she wasn’t worried about her child.

Investigators also interviewed the child, who confirmed being there when Shannon Cox cut off his own leg. Deputies noted the child still appeared to be in shock.

Both Shannon and Sandy Cox were charged with felony counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. The judge in the case issued a no-contact order to Shannon Cox for both the child and Sandy Cox.

Shannon and Sandy Cox are scheduled to be back in court in mid-October.