GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Chad L. Coleman has starred in some of the biggest shows on television, and now he is taking on one of the most popular genres this time of year.

You may know Coleman from “The Walking Dead,” “The Wire” and “The Orville.” Now, he’s starring in his first holiday film, called “A Christmas Prayer.”

He says he was drawn to the role of Pastor Andre Dillard because the character has a lot of depth. Coleman loves the idea of peeling back the layers of a character and revealing surprising parts of their personality.

“Pastor Andre Dillard is someone who had a bit of a suspect past and was able to change his life, and he’s become a pastor … of a very renowned church in the community, and all of the sudden, on a particular day, his past starts to come back to haunt him,” he said.

“A Christmas Prayer” is available on tvONE.

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