NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WOOD) — A teenager from Norton Shores has set national records for the Boy Scout popcorn sales program, selling hundreds of thousands since joining.

Sixteen-year-old Mason Schlafer started selling popcorn seven years ago when he was in Cub Scouts. Since then, he has made a name for himself in Troop 1053 and across the country.

“For my whole career, I’ve done over $400,000 worth in sales,” Schlafer said. “And I have the top sales within one season at over $100,000 now.”

Boxes upon boxes of popcorn fill the basement storage room in his family’s home.

“It’s a lot of work honestly. My dad drives me around for 12 weeks or so during the sale and during weeknights after school,” the teen said. “Just like three hours and then when you get more time on the weekend, usually nine (or) 10-hour days.”

While there are some reward incentives for Schlafer like funding to go to adventure camps and winning a wrestling belt for popcorn sales, the Eagle Scout said he enjoys the friendly competition along with helping his troop and the community.

“The big thing that I have been funding for for the past few years has been Feeding America food trucks that feed the hungry who are in need in the area of West Michigan,” he said.

His dad said the competition can be intense and requires a lot of dedication to reach the goal.

“The secret to his success starts with a dad that challenges him and him buying in, and then just getting up and going after it every day, putting in the time and the effort,” Matt Schlafer said.

While he is proud of his son and what he has achieved, he said the mission behind the sales and how they help the community is the most important thing.

“It’s not just for competing nationally or going on these good trips. The big thing for me is helping others out because it’s a really good feeling,” Mason Schlafer said.