FRUITPORT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Homeowners in the Fruitport area spent Tuesday cleaning up and pumping out water after weekend rain caused flooding. 

Like Ottawa County, Muskegon County has declared a local state of emergency after several neighborhoods flooded and streets were washed out.

“We’ve lived here since 1993 and we’ve never had water in our basement or like it is out back here,” homeowner Karan Valler said as she pointed to the backyard of her Fruitport home. 

Valler said she had about 8 inches of water in her basement that destroyed building materials and possibly her hot water heater.

“Our barn is flooded, our basement is flooded. We’ve been sucking up water. We had to go out and buy a pump, which is hard to find here in Muskegon right now,” Valler said. “It’s just unreal how much water. Everybody is pumping water.”

Down the road, carpet restoration services were underway. Stanley Steemer of Muskegon reported receiving almost 30 calls about flooded basements from neighbors in the area.

“They had quite a bit of water. Their sump pump went out. It just couldn’t keep up,” said Kevin Claxton with Stanley Steemer as he worked on a home off of Heights Ravenna Road.

Flooding along Heights Ravenna Road near Broton Road in Sullivan Township on May 19, 2020.

Claxton says from start to finish, the process to restore water-damaged carpets takes three to five days.

“With outside rain water, we extract as much water as we can out of the pad and then we tear the wet pad out and then typically lay the carpet back down and extract the rest of the water out of that,” he explained.

Claxton said the number of houses with damage means long nights for crews.

“It definitely makes it a little more strenuous because we’ve got to get our regular work done, too, but we’ve got to take care of the customers who need us,” he said.

He said considering high demand for Stanley Steemer’s services, it’ll likely be a few weeks before they catch up.



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