FRUITPORT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A Facebook post by a Muskegon-area no-kill animal shelter urging someone to adopt a “neurotic,” “ornery,” “demonic” dog seems to have worked.

The Noah Project in Fruitport Township posted a long description Monday about of a 10-year-old Chihuahua named Link.

“We don’t want to lie to you guys and tell you that he’s a sweet little boy who loves everyone and everything, because he doesn’t. Not many people want a 10-year neurotic, old ornery man,” the post reads in part. “Every day when we see him we feel the wrath of his hellscape. We greet him with a soft and gentle tone, it doesn’t help.”

Mashele Arndt, the executive director for the Noah Project, said Link has been at the shelter for 80 days. While he doesn’t like to be picked up or cuddled directly, he does want to be nearby you while he plays with toys.

“Link is just who he is and wants to be loved on his terms,” Arndt said. “He wags his tail and he acts happy, but he just doesn’t want you to pick him up or be touched.”

She said Link was surrendered by his original owner a couple of months back. When the Noah Project saw another shelter post a similar message about one of its difficult chihuahuas, it thought the same strategy might be the key to finding Link a forever home.

The post noted that Link’s grumpy behavior isn’t all bad:

“You can go ahead and cancel your ring subscription because as soon as people hear this demonic entity coming from inside your house, they will run away in fear,” it said. “If you don’t like having people coming over, he’s perfect for you, no one will want to come over.”

Since the post about Link went up, four people have applied to get him, Arndt told News 8. One couple has already met Link and was expected back Wednesday night to see if it’s the right match.

“They do over-the-road truck driving,” she said. “So they want to make a little bed for him so he can look out the window and see the travels with them.”