FRUITPORT CHARTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) – Noah’s Project is asking the public for help covering vet bills after six puppies were thrown over the shelter’s 7-foot fence and abandoned earlier this week.

It happened on Tuesday around 10:35 p.m. When workers arrive the next morning around 7:30 a.m., they found the puppies shaking, hungry and cold.

Mashele Arndt, Executive Director of Noah Project, said the rescue believes they are Rottweiler and German Shephard mix.

In security footage released from the shelter, you can see an orange, four-door pickup truck pull up to the building. Eventually, one person approaches the fence and tosses the puppies one by one over the fence.

“It got very cold through the night,” said Arndt. “It got chilly. It was snowing and it was kind of a rainy snow, so it was really wet.”

One of the puppies had a broken leg, a vet found Friday afternoon. In a Facebook post, the rescue said it was most likely caused when the puppy, which they named Atlanta, hit the ground.

Arndt said they puppies are between 9 and 10 weeks old.

“It’s very sad,” she said. “It’s sad that they just leave them, and don’t just call or come in and talk to us. It’s very sad that they would leave them overnight like that, in the cold, for sure. It’s very dangerous to leave them out in the cold when they’re that little.”

As for the other puppies, Ardnt said they’re closely monitoring one of the boys, who is limping as well. Two other boys are staying at an employee’s home.

The rescue said they are loving and playful, despite what they’ve been through.

“They’re doing great,” said Ardnt. “Obviously one has a broken foot, and will need surgery, so she’ll need to have that reset and pins put into her foot.”

The rescue said it is taking donations for surgery costs and medical bills. It is also in need of dog toys and Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb and Rice.

“If you need to surrender your pet, you can call anytime during open hours here at Noah’s Project, and we can take your information, and if we have space, we’ll bring them right away, or put you on our way waiting list and bring them in as soon as we can,” said Arndt.

The Fruitport Township Police Department said it is investigating.

— News 8’s Corinne Moore contributed to this report.